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Greek native vibraphonist, composer, educator and Fulbright Alumni Dimitris Angelakis has been in the scene for over a decade, having collaborated with some of the international jazz scene’s most prominent musicians as a bandleader, sideman and guest soloist. Dimitris’ first influence was his father, an acclaimed Greek trumpet player/arranger, but he also considers NY-based vibraphonist Christos Rafalides and Philadelphia-based vibraphonist/founder of vibesworkshop, Tony Miceli as connections that significantly impacted his career.


Before moving to the US in 2013 he was already an active musician in Europe collaborating with various classical and jazz ensembles/orchestras from Europe and the US (Delaware Steel, Q Orchestra, Thessaloniki State Orchestra), sharing the stage with important musicians from the US and Europe such as Paris Strother (Prince), George Kontrafouris, Owen Hart jr, Takis Paterelis, Harvey Price and recording several albums featuring musicians from Greece, UK, Spain and Germany. Upon receiving the Fulbright scholarship, Dimitris moved to Philadelphia (US), where he completed his Masters of Music at the University of the Arts, studying with Tony Miceli and Don Glanden, and he was selected to be part of the UArts’ record featuring original compositions by UArts students. His desire to flourish brought him to New York City to study privately with acclaimed jazz vibraphonist Christos Rafalides. At the same time, he enjoyed learning from Joe Locke, Ed Saindon, Larry Mackenna, and John Swana.


Finishing his Master's Degree, Dimitris began to immerse himself as a vibraphonist in the international music scene. In his graduation year, he recorded 3 albums in Europe and made appearances as a guest performer and clinician in Spain and Ukraine working with Giannis Papatriantafyllou, Milcho Leviev, George Kontrafouris, Matt Home, Nigel Price, the Hellenic Foundation for Culture (Odessa-Ukraine) and performed as an opening act for various acclaimed US artists such as Eve Cornelious and has been invited to numerous jazz festivals around the world (“Project Metamorphosis”, “41st International Music Festival”, “World Percussion Festival”, Big Day Bach”, “Jubilee Jazz Festival”, “Nikolaev Jazz Festival”, “ISME”, “1st Galician Jazz Festival”, “International Jazz Meeting-Kostas Kouvidis”). He was also honored to work on the Phila Real Book Project with Philadelphia based editor David Dzubinski, where an original composition of his was selected to be included for the Philadelphia Real Book Vol 1.


Shortly after, he relocated to China, where he spent one year connecting with the Asia music scene by teaching and performing alongside Chinese and international musicians, further shaping his musical personality. Leaving China, Dimitris found himself recording new albums and working on diverse projects. Some of his latest collaborations have been with London based-saxophonist Vasilis Xenopoulos, Petros Klampanis, Olivier Gatto, Dimos Dimitridis (IASJ - Ionian University), Bogdan Gumenyuk/Sandy Eldred (“Composer Series Project”, Ukraine), George Fakanas group (feat. Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez), Dennis Pol quartet among others.


His passion to teach young and adult students has led Dimitris to collaborate with universities/schools and cultural organisations in the USA (Philadelphia-University of the Arts), Europe (Greece-Ionian University, Aristotle University, Ukraine-National Music Academy, Spain- Musica Moderna Burela), China (Alcanta International College) and collaborate with music conservatories and EU educational/research programs (Program "ROMA" supervisor Dr Eleni Lapidaki - active inclusion of underserved children ROMA to the Greek educational system - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).

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