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Dimitris is available for lessons, workshops, and master classes of all sizes. His approach and ideas are beneficial for all instruments–not just percussion players. He has taught regularly and conducted workshops at: 

-Odesa Academy of Music (Ukraine)
-Ionian University / Guest Instructor (Greece)
-Seminario de jazz burela (Spain)
-Alcanta International College / Music Teacher Head (China)
-Aristotle University / Adjunct Instructor (Greece)
-University of the Arts / Teaching Assistant (USA)
-University of Ioannina / Adjunct Instructor (Greece)

He has also taught regularly in various music schools online and in person (Discover Melody, Vibes Workshop) and university projects (project "ROMA" Aristotle University), in USA, Europe and in China.

He is also available for private lessons and teaches jazz improvisation, music theory/harmony, general music improvisation among other music-related subjects, for beginner to advanced level players, on all instruments, which can also be arranged online as well.

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Leandros Passias

Student - Pianist

"He creates a very friendly and supportive atmosphere in his teaching but he also wants his students to be disciplined and he always pushes them to their limits in order to become better."

Sokratis Tsentoglou

Student - Drummer

"He is very consistent, responsible, and focused on what he does, and that inspires his students to gain that knowledge in the best and most pleasant way."

Bogdan Gumenyuk

Jazz musician/educator, Executive Producer Lable Who Able (Ukraine)

"Dimitris has a great understanding of how to deliver information to students in a way that will both interest and inspire them. In his workshops and lectures, one can sense his passion for sharing his musical knowledge with the next generations of musicians and his love of, and dedication to, music."

Aggeliki Krissila

Student - Choir Director of Thessaloniki Public Music School

"He is very knowledgeable about jazz music, full of passion, and he has a great sense of humor and enthusiasm. The theory comes into practice in a pleasant and creative environment."

Isael Arranz

Civil Servant of Music Education in Spain (MASTERS CORPS) / Principal of the CEIP PLURILINGÜE BRAGADE (Galicia, SPAIN)

"His playing, his teaching, his deep music experience, and his passion for music and the vibraphone deeply influenced most of his jazz students, enabling some of them to get 1st place and gain admission to the best Superior Jazz Conservatory of Music in Spain."

Iro Graonidou

Student - Violinist

"Dimitris helped me get to know improvisation but also jazz music better. He encouraged me to be more confident and the lessons were well organized according to my needs and the things I wanted to improve."

Screenshot 2022-11-04 at 12.15.57 AM.png
Aristotle University

Aristotle University

Ionian University

Ionian University

Teaching students

Burela, Spain


Kiev, Ukraine

Pinewood International School.jpg

Pinewood International School

Students of all levels.jpg

Vergoti Foundation

Alcanta International College.JPG

China, Alcanta International College

Lviv academy

Lviv academy

Teaching young students.jpg

Pinewood International School, Teaching young students improvisation (Pinewood)

Jazz workshop.jpg

Jazz workshop in Kefalonia

Dimitris & Israel 2014 poster.jpg

Dimitris & Israel 2014 workshop in Burela Spain

Nakas - Berklee - Yamaha.jpg

Nakas Conservatory Greece

Athens Conservatory.jpg

Athens Conservatory workshop

workshop imrpovisation.jpg

Imrpovisation workshop at karditsa conservatory


Group lesson (Burela Spain)

Music workshop municipal conservatory of Karditsa

Music workshop municipal conservatory of Karditsa

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