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"With this CD I would like to introduce you to an exciting new artist who has transcended the difficulties inherent in those 37 bars and created a beautiful and compelling album." (Joe Locke)

"Long Way Home is definitely a trip worth taking." (Kyle Simpler, All About Jazz) full review

"All this study--and much work as a sideman along the way--has come together on his first CD, "Long Way Home". Stream it, buy it, listen to it, and then listen to it again." (Bruce Klauber, The Jazz Scene)

 "A perfect" album, with a special and refined atmosphere, throughout its course, which is further distinguished by its compositional and instrumental power." (Fontas Trousas, Diskoryxeion) full review

"The feeling of the album "Long Way Home" is completely acoustic and pleasant." (Manthos Giourtzoglou, Keepjazzin) full review

"Knowing Dimitris for more than ten years gave me the opportunity to experience how a talented, focused and hard working student becomes a soulful and meaningful professional musician." (Christos Rafalides)

"The combination of such raw talent with the first-rate nurturing institutions like UARTS provide, assures that the future of jazz is secure and bright. (Hrayr Attarian, All about jazz) full review

"Dimitris is one of the top vibraphone players of his generation. He's really leading the way on our instrument!" (Tony Miceli)

"From the sound of the saxophone to the contrabass’ earthly rhythms and the vibraphone’s harmonic colours, Dream Trio creates a dynamic but sophisticated jazz style." (

"Besides loads of natural talent and a well-developed sense of musicality, Dimitris has a great work ethic and attitude." (Ed Saindon)

"Under his hands, this instrument acquires a particularly melodic, delicate and iridescent sound." (

"The jazz vibraphonist Dimitris Angelakis brings joy to his listeners with his music for over 10 years now." (

"You have control over the time and the melodic aspect of your improvising. It's not only that you have good time, but you use it as a creative tool. It's a joy to listen you Dimitris. (David Friedman - vibesworkshop)

"It's hard to go wrong with the sound of a vibraphone in the hands of a talented musician. (JR cratesofjr blogspot) full review

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