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Vibraphonist / Performer / Educator

"I am simply an appreciative fan - one who is very much looking forward to what comes next from this gifted musician"

Joe Locke

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More full length videos HERE

Debut album out NOW!

Listen to it on the music streaming service of your choice or order a physical copy on Bandcamp by clicking HERE.


Listen to it on the music streaming service of your choice or order a physical copy on Bandcamp by clicking HERE.



Greek native vibraphonist Dimitris Angelakis began his music journey from a very early age. A journey that started with his first exposure to music from his father and continued with a Fullbright Scholarship, recording and performing in the US (East Coast), exploring the Asia music scene working for a year in China, and playing at large venues and festivals in Europe.

Influenced mainly by Tony Miceli, Christos Rafalides and Joe Locke, Dimitris immersed himself as a vibraphonist in the international music scene. His high energy performances along with his soulful compositions have made him an in-demand performer at festivals around the world (Project Metamorphosis, 41st International Music Festival, World Percussion Festival, Big Day Bach, ISME), while he has also recorded/performed with acclaimed artists in the US and Europe as a guest performer and session musician, with Diego Rivera, Olivier Gatto, Petros Klampanis, Milcho Leviev, Dimos Dimitriadis, Owen Hart Jr, Paris Strother (Prince), Vasilis Xenopoulos, Matt Home, Nigel Price, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez (George Fakanas group) to name a few. He has also collaborated with a number of orchestras/ensembles (Delaware Steel, Philadelphia Uarts graduate ensemble, Ukraine Composer Series, Thessaloniki state orchestra) working at the same time with educational organisations and institutions for various projects (Philadelphia Real Book project, University of the Arts, Ionian University, Aristotle University, Vibesworkshop, Hellenic Foundation for culture-Odessa, Alcanta International College-China), among others.


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